As our eyes begin to gaze upon the works in SUPERSONIC HORIZONS, we are invited to ponder these boundless expanses - Phenomena that often serve as potent metaphors of time and hope: Perpetually out of our grasp and, yet, an infinite source of aspiration and possibility. It is the artist’s magnificent gift, and displayed here in SUPERSONIC HORIZONS, to grasp these phenomena and place them before us, with all their beauty and power encapsulated. A spellbinding magic trick that has entranced us for millennia.

This ability of the artist is an unbridled power: transforming and capturing simple horizons into elaborate canvases brimming with dynamic metaphor and imagination, extending far beyond just mimicking the world around us. They are not mere echoes of the visible, but rather profound articulations of the beyond. Reflecting yearnings, passions, dreams, mysteries, memories - undercurrents and vibrations of what the artist may be seeking to discover.

This artistic voyage, thus, forms a beautiful continuum, tracing the path from a plain horizon to a pulsating panorama of emotions. In this transformation, we discover the magic of artistry - its power not only to reflect our world but also to shape and express our deepest human experiences.



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"Palm Springs Pontiac""Palm Springs Pontiac"
"AMA-KAKERU" (Soaring in the Space Time)"AMA-KAKERU" (Soaring in the Space Time)
"Sacred Place""Sacred Place"
Timur Akhriev
"Sacred Place"
Sale price$6,800.00
"Western Night""Western Night"
Eric Nash
"Western Night"
Sale price$5,500.00
"Monumental Morning""Monumental Morning"
"Until We Meet Again""Until We Meet Again"
"Salon De Ning""Salon De Ning"
Nathan Walsh
"Salon De Ning"
Sale price$85,000.00
"Sk8 Liborius""Sk8 Liborius"
Brian DePauli
"Sk8 Liborius"
Sale price$65,000.00
"At Sunset (Part 5)""At Sunset (Part 5)"
"Room To Breathe"
Bradley Hankey
"Room To Breathe"
Sale price$5,800.00
"Neon Nostalgia""Neon Nostalgia"
Adam Hall
"Neon Nostalgia"
Sale price$1,550.00
"What A Wonderful World""What A Wonderful World"
"After The Rain At Artist Point""After The Rain At Artist Point"
"Illuminated Dresden Tree with Crescent Moon""Illuminated Dresden Tree with Crescent Moon"
"Tomorrow Is Anew""Tomorrow Is Anew"
Tom Jean Webb
"Tomorrow Is Anew"
Sale price$8,300.00
"Slowly Breaking Through the Daylight"
"God Knows I Tried""God Knows I Tried"
"Her Silence is Deafening""Her Silence is Deafening"
"Mother Stream""Mother Stream"
Danielle Winger
"Mother Stream"
Sale price$3,300.00
"When Destiny Calls (Or When Your Mom Tells You to Go Home)"
"Shipping Container 1; Fire in the Sky""Shipping Container 1; Fire in the Sky"
"Dollars Corner""Dollars Corner"
Stephanie Buer
"Dollars Corner"
Sale price$2,950.00
"Skeleton Creek"
Jack Rowland
"Skeleton Creek"
Sale price$3,600.00
"Cascade River""Cascade River"
Luke Tucker
"Cascade River"
Sale price$2,500.00