"Dollars Corner"

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Stephanie Buer

"Dollars Corner"

Oil on Canvas

24" x 32"

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Buer's artistic focus gravitates towards urban landscapes, specifically the peripheral zones within cities that encapsulate diverse historical epochs. Her work is a visual exploration of the narratives imprinted by industrial activity and its subsequent decay, engaging with the transformational journey that such urban spaces undergo over time. Each of her subjects carries historical significance, originally serving a particular purpose that has now faded into oblivion.

Buer is captivated by the metamorphosis that these urban spaces experience as they are subjected to the actions of vandals, artists, and the ceaseless encroachment of nature. The gradual yet resilient growth of flora amid the remnants of man-made structures represents a unique point of interest for her.

Through her art, Buer endeavors to illuminate the aesthetic appeal and tranquility inherent in these disregarded and unappreciated urban niches. She strives to challenge common perceptions, demonstrating that beauty and peace can be discovered even in areas often dismissed as derelict or unsightly.

Currently, Buer is based in Portland, Oregon, where she operates from her studio nestled within the vibrant creative hub of the Falcon Art Community. Her presence in this thriving artistic environment enables her to continue refining her unique perspective on urban landscapes, fostering her ongoing exploration of the relationship between city life, history, and the natural world.