"SUPERSONIC FACES & FIGURES" is a groundbreaking exhibition that unites over 45 of the world's foremost contemporary artists, each celebrated for their distinct approach to portraiture and figurative painting. Showcasing a remarkable spectrum of styles and techniques, the exhibition embodies the multifaceted perspectives and avant-garde innovations shaping this dynamic artistic landscape. Viewers will be enthralled by the breadth of expressions, textures, and visual narratives encapsulating the ever-evolving aspects of the human experience.

The exhibition highlights artists who have skillfully transcended the conventional limits of portraiture and figurative art by adopting diverse methods, ranging from classical techniques to cutting-edge digital tools, and from hyperrealistic representations to inventive image manipulation. These artists generate hybrid works, harmoniously fusing classical aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities to classical, contemporary realist musings. As visitors immerse themselves in the eclectic array of artistic expressions showcased, they will observe the creative metamorphosis revitalizing these genres and gain a deeper understanding of the myriad ways contemporary artists depict their subjects and distill the essence of human identity.

Participating artists: Aaron Robert Baker • Alessandra Maria • Alex Garant • Allison Reimold • Ant Carver • Bobby Leash • Brennan Major Harris • Casey Weldon • Cotoh Tsumi • Dorian Vallejo • Ed Fairburn • Elliot Brown • Elly Kawaguchi • Erlend Tait • feebee • Gian Galang • Glenn Arthur • Grant Gilsdorf • Hanae Nakajima • Isabella Mellado • Jeremiah Palecek • Jerome Masi • Joshua Lawyer • Julio Reyes • Kelsey Beckett • kiminoe • Kip Omalade • Lee Wagstaff • Matt Brackett • Michael Koehler • Reuben Negron • Richard Liu • Roos van der Vliet • Sam Rodriguez • Shinnosuke Hariya • Shoichi Okumura • Simon Hennessey • Sokuseki • Steve Martinez • Tatiana Suarez • Tom Bagshaw • Tommy Mitchell • Victoria V. Nunley • Yohta Matsuoka • Yok Joaquin

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"Portrait of a Queen""Portrait of a Queen"
"Through the Mask and Gloves""Through the Mask and Gloves"
"The Clarity of Pandemonium""The Clarity of Pandemonium"
Samuel Rodriguez
Sale price$1,750.00
"Head (All Ginned Up and Nowhere to Go)""Head (All Ginned Up and Nowhere to Go)"
Victoria V. Nunley
Sale price$1,800.00
"Nerve Fire""Nerve Fire"
Kelsey Beckett
"Nerve Fire"
Sale price$2,000.00
Reuben Negron
Sale price$4,200.00
"Continuous Apples & Spheres""Continuous Apples & Spheres"
"White Noise""White Noise"
Alex Garant
"White Noise"
Sale price$3,200.00
"Lila II""Lila II"
Roos van der Vliet
"Lila II"
Sale price$3,825.00
"Coming of Age""Coming of Age"
Brennan Harris
"Coming of Age"
Sale price$1,675.00
"Gardener (Girl)""Gardener (Girl)"
Bobby Leash
"Gardener (Girl)"
Sale price$3,800.00
"no. 1376"
Cotoh Tsumi
"no. 1376"
Sale price$3,700.00
"no. 1352"
Cotoh Tsumi
"no. 1352"
Sale price$3,700.00
Sale price$900.00
"Our Lives Overlap"
Dorian Vallejo
"Our Lives Overlap"
Sale price$10,000.00
"Baby's Breath"
Tatiana Suarez
"Baby's Breath"
Sale price$2,540.00
"East Hollywood"
Elliot Brown
"East Hollywood"
Sale price$2,000.00
"Amateur Night""Amateur Night"
Tommy Mitchell
"Amateur Night"
Sale price$6,500.00
"Drought in My Spirit""Drought in My Spirit"
"Sally Mae""Sally Mae"
Gian Galang
"Sally Mae"
Sale price$2,200.00
Grant Gilsdorf
Sale price$9,400.00
"High & Mighty"
Yok Joaquin
"High & Mighty"
Sale price$3,700.00