"Underwater Excursion"

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Hanae Nakajima

"Underwater Excursion"

Acrylic Gouache & Mineral Pigments on Japanese Paper mounted on Wooden Panel

18" x 21"


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Hanae Nakajima, an innovative figure in contemporary art, is celebrated for her extraordinary portrayals of individuals wearing enigmatic costumes that transcend conventional boundaries of time and geography. Her captivating artistic creations feature subjects dressed in mysterious attire, seemingly detached from any specific era or culture. This unique approach invites viewers into an intriguing realm where the usual constraints of history and geography are artfully obscured, sparking curiosity and prompting audiences to contemplate the origins and narratives behind these enigmatic figures.

Nakajima's mastery lies in her ability to present the familiar human form within an unfamiliar context, thereby skillfully challenging our notions of culture, identity, and temporality. The perplexing costumes adorning her subjects serve not only as visual stimuli but also as symbolic elements, potentially signifying deeper themes of universality, individuality, and the inherent mystery of the human condition. Consequently, Nakajima's work stands as a fascinating exploration of human identity within the framework of a rapidly evolving, interconnected, and culturally dynamic world.