"Fresh Road Racer"

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Shoichi Okumura

"Fresh Road Racer"

17" x 21"

Hand Embellished Edition of 15

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Shoichi Okumura's artistic vision is deeply rooted in traditional Asian painting, which employs multiple viewpoints for an encompassing, holistic portrayal. This approach is reminiscent of Song Dynasty landscapes, distinguished by their depiction of a landscape as a comprehensive entity, rather than segmented perspectives of a singular panorama.

This encapsulates the notion that these paintings endeavor to manifest a compact, alternative universe, as opposed to a mere reflection of the real world. Within this reimagined realm, Okumura positions 'Dianjing' (点景), diminutive scenic elements that merge larger and smaller scaled worlds, echoing the structure of an intricate, nested mandala.

These miniature, self-contained, and revolving cosmoses give the illusion of floating, guiding the viewer's gaze throughout the painting. It presents a uniquely Chinese conception of a utopian world, where the interweaving of vast and minute worlds gives birth to a universe reminiscent of a mandala.