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Samuel Rodriguez


One Off, Digital Print

16" x 20"

Samuel Rodriguez, born 1981, is a celebrated portrait artist operating out of San José, California. His exceptional artistic aptitude permeates various sectors, including public art, advertising, technology, commerce, and media, marking his profound influence in these diverse fields. Rodriguez's early foray into art was largely self-directed, engrossing himself in the world of graffiti. This formative experience set the stage for his subsequent academic pursuit—a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the renowned California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

In his artistic repertoire, Rodriguez demonstrates two unique forms of portraiture— 'Topographical Portraiture' and 'Type Faces'. The former involves a creative reimagining of portraits, employing topographical lines and shapes akin to those found in geographic maps. The latter is an intriguing fusion of typography and portraiture, resulting in a captivating amalgamation of text and visual representation. These innovative styles emerged from Rodriguez's intensive studio explorations and serve as a conduit for his investigation into the interplay of social, historical, and cultural hybridity.

Over the years, Rodriguez's striking visual narratives have adorned numerous public art spaces, museums, companies, galleries, and media outlets, attesting to the wide-reaching impact and appeal of his work. This brief overview encapsulates the profound influence and unique artistic vision of Samuel Rodriguez—an artist who continues to push boundaries and challenge conventional notions of portraiture.