"Nature's Reflection"

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Michael Koehler

"Nature's Reflection"

Acrylic on Wood Panel

12" x 18"

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Residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Michael Koehler leverages his expertise in graphic design and screen printing to create an intriguing universe of artistry. His canvas, brought to life by acrylic paint, is inhabited by a mesmerizing array of robotic and animalistic figures. These entities, profoundly inspired by ecology, technology, and the broad spectrum of human experience, serve as the central motifs in his work.

Koehler's artistic endeavors delve into the peculiarities and paradoxes of our collective reality, striking a delicate balance between the enchanting allure and latent peril of the untamed unknown. His work is a thoughtful commentary on the bonds we form, overlook, or sever, exploring the intricate dynamics of coexistence, manipulation, and struggle that arise amongst humanity, nature, and technology.

His work often features surreal automatons, a blend of the mechanical and the organic, that embody these themes. The countenances of these beings are characterized by an intricate array of wires, urns, flames, and gemstones, forming a mosaic of mask-like expressions. The vibrant hues in Koehler's palette, set against a backdrop of profound blackness, endow his celestial idols with a playful yet ominous aura. His work, thus, serves as a vivid testament to his unique artistic vision and mastery of his craft.