"After The Rain At Artist Point"

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Alec Monson

"After The Rain At Artist Point"


10" x 8"


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Alec is a proficient fine artist and colorist, currently pursuing his passion in the picturesque state of Utah. He is a recent alumnus of Brigham Young University, where he was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Illustration.

Alec's artistic expertise lies in the field of Plein Air painting, a traditional method that requires the artist to engage with their surroundings directly, transposing the ephemeral essence of the environment onto the canvas. This outdoor painting approach imbues his works with a sense of immediacy and authenticity, capturing the nuances of light, shadow, and color inherent in the landscape at a particular moment in time.

In terms of media, Alec has exhibited an adept proficiency in working with traditional materials, specifically gouache and oil. Gouache, known for its opaque and vibrant qualities, enables him to create vivid, energetic compositions, while oil painting allows for a more layered, textured approach that can imbue the landscape with depth and a sense of material tangibility. This combination of media highlights Alec's ability to manipulate the unique characteristics of each material to achieve desired visual effects, further enhancing his depictions of the dynamic and evolving natural world.