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Andie Taylor


Oil on Board

8.6" x 11.8"

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Andie Taylor, an accomplished Australian oil painter, constructs his oeuvre around nuanced narrative elements. These elements, akin to the interconnected cables of a vintage synthesizer, harmonize with the profound undercurrent of philosophical exploration that defines his work. Themes encompassing time, memory, entropy, and identity interweave, diverging occasionally to probe new terrain, all expressed through intricate series of veiled visual metaphors.

Taylor's creative process is guided by intuition, striving towards an aesthetic equilibrium nestled between tumultuous chaos and tranquil peace, deliberately eschewing explicit meaning. Serving as a subliminal conduit for self-discovery and reflection, each successive piece germinates from its predecessor, creating an expanding universe of malleable symbols that are paradoxically juxtaposed yet harmonious. The tactile realms Taylor constructs with his brush strokes are rooted in his personal interpretation of reality, however, their significance is ultimately contingent on the perceptions and interpretations we individually ascribe.