"Total Stillness"

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Brin Levinson
Total Stillness
Oil on Canvas
18" x 24"

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Residing in the eclectic landscape of Portland, Oregon, Brin Levinson's artistry is deeply rooted in the intriguing contrast between bustling cityscapes and the serene embrace of nature. His primary medium, painting, initially focused on urban landscapes and cityscapes, capturing the essence of the metropolitan environment.

However, as Levinson's artistic journey progressed, a captivating transformation occurred in his work. Elements of the natural world began to weave their way into his urban canvases, creating a unique fusion where nature slowly reclaims human-made spaces. This blending of wild animals and natural phenomena with familiar urban landmarks has sparked a sense of nostalgia in Levinson, inspiring him to create paintings that depict future dystopias tinged with optimism. His works stand as a testament to the ever-evolving relationship between our constructed environments and the natural world, inviting viewers to envision a harmonious coexistence of both realms.

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