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Armani Howard

Acrylic on Canvas

24” x 26”


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Armani Howard (b.1993, Chicago, Illinois) is an African American-Thai contemporary artist, working primarily in painting and drawing. His work explores the themes of preservation of identity, escapism, pop culture, self-discovery, mental health, and loss of innocence.

The direction of reimagining his existence and experiences as a black body into a visually sizeable body of work has become a form of contemporary folklore. Dream-like and at times bewildering, his work is expressive of narratives unbounded in time. He hopes this will help navigate future bodies to find their internal dialogue of identity and heritage while sustaining a self-supporting development while navigating through life.

His work layered with compositions of abstract figuration, loose gestural marks, and an evocative usage of color, uphold the antecedents of the African American dialogue before him. At the same time, allow the space to question American traditions.