"Our Lives Overlap"

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Dorian Vallejo

"Our Lives Overlap"

Oil on Wooden Panel

31" x 55"

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Born into a family with a rich artistic heritage, Dorian Vallejo commenced his artistic journey as a scholar at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York. Initially carving out a niche in book cover illustration, Vallejo found himself at a crossroads when the industry began to favor computer-generated imagery. Anchored by a deep-seated love for traditional media and figurative art, he ventured into the realm of portraiture, dedicating himself to the creation of personal work intended for gallery display. Today, Vallejo predominantly crafts paintings and drawings.

In the sphere of his artistic exploration, Vallejo navigates the intricate intersection of philosophical thought and aesthetic expression. He is mesmerized by the process of individuation, and its inherent potential for spawning archetypal representation. As a result, his paintings and drawings frequently encapsulate a symbolic narrative, serving as a visual representation of the delicate balance between the constraints of perceived reality and the pursuit of unadulterated authenticity. Furthermore, Vallejo perceives beauty as a potent metaphor, drawing inspiration from the ephemeral poetry that life embodies. He revels in the exhilaration derived from the abundance of visual stimuli life unfurls daily, seizing these opportunities to cultivate compelling artistic expressions.