"Neon Nostalgia"

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Adam Hall

"Neon Nostalgia"

Oil on panel

12" x 16" x 2.5"

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Adam Hall, an eminent contemporary and entirely self taught oil painter, is based in Franklin, Tennessee, where he creates profoundly emotive and atmospheric works of art. His artistic journey, spanning close to two decades, was ignited in the dynamic music milieu of Nashville, Tennessee, as he traveled the world as a musician in various bands. His intrigue with expansive landscapes was stimulated during his sojourn in Rwanda, Africa, a period that provoked him to explore painting. Hall's creations encapsulate an engaging visual experience, inviting viewers to perceive themselves as active participants within the depicted scenes.

In his latest corpus of work, Hall navigates the compelling allure of nature and the mutual relationship humans share with it. His grand-scale compositions act as conduits, instantaneously translocating viewers into the verdant heart of nature. Hall's artistic pursuit strives to encapsulate and suspend a single moment in time, proffering a serene space for contemplation within the frenzy of our fast-paced world. As Hall observes, “because there is such a common thread in most all of us that is drawn to nature, the paintings can quickly connect to the viewer,” Hall sources his inspiration from an array of locations, including the Pacific Northwest and Tennessee. However, his childhood environment and his experiences of fatherhood notably provide him with potent creative stimuli.