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Acrylic on Board

18" x 21"

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Born, raised and working in Tokyo, Japan, kiminoe emerged onto the art scene in October 2020 and quickly established himself as a noteworthy talent. His artistic repertoire includes digital production and acrylic on canvas, through which he seeks to suffuse the world with a distinctive, color-drenched aesthetic – a vision that is quintessentially kiminoe.

kiminoe's artwork, characterized by color-blocking and minimalism, has earned widespread acclaim and a loyal following within a span of just two years. His style transcends age and resonates with a broad spectrum of art collectors. What sets kiminoe's work apart is his painstaking attention to detail: each brush stroke is meticulously placed, creating compositions that speak to the viewer in an intuitive language. This intuitive quality of his work allows his audience to effortlessly engage with and understand his unique style, fostering a deep, enduring connection between the artist and his viewers.