"In the Dark"

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Luke Chueh
In the Dark
11" x 14"
Acrylic on Panel

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Born in Philadelphia, raised in Fresno, and settled in Los Angeles since 2003, Luke Chueh has established himself as a multifaceted artist, gaining international acclaim for his innovative contributions to painting, animation, illustration, and 3D toy design. Chueh's unique artistic identity is marked by his ability to infuse irony and a sense of desperation into endearingly visual narratives, masterfully navigating the delicate balance between humor and pathos.

Chueh's art, a study in contrasts, captures bizarre yet intriguing scenarios, often featuring a stark juxtaposition of 'cute' with 'bitter'. Drawing deeply from his personal experiences and emotions, his work bravely confronts and articulates the complexities and internal struggles of the human experience. His paintings, whether they are ethereal and blurred, monochromatic, or richly textured, consistently carry an underlying essence of power, symbolizing the triumph over significant internal challenges and adversities.

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