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Josie Morway
Oil and enamel on wood
16" x 20" (plus slim float frame)

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Josie Morway, an artist who honed her skills outside the traditional realms of art education, has devoted much of her life to the craft of painting. Her artworks emerge as captivating tapestries woven from the fragments of everyday life—echoes of worn-out signs, remnants of billboards, and fragments of overheard dialogue. Morway believes in the power of the unsaid, asserting that omissions often carry as much weight as explicit narratives. In her paintings, animals stand in for humans, creating a unique visual language where common gestures and expressions take on new, multifaceted meanings. This substitution allows her to explore a spectrum of emotions and stories that are universally recognizable yet shrouded in mystery, offering viewers a space to delve into their interpretations.

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