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Roos van der Vliet


Acrylic on Canvas

28" x 36"

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Roos van der Vliet, a distinguished Dutch artist from Arnhem, Netherlands, obtained her BFA in 2009 and has ardently dedicated herself to painting ever since. Her works have graced exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States.  While not identifying as a hyperrealist, van der Vliet's detailed focus brings to life the gaze of the eyes and the textural richness of hair, mirroring her desire to comprehend and encapsulate the mystifying nature of existence.

Van der Vliet's acclaimed "Storyteller" portraits, featuring women with compelling gazes peering through their hair, have become a hallmark of her work. These silent dialogues urge the viewer to pause and engage with the depicted subjects. Her meticulously detailed portraits and still-lifes, particularly those featuring human hair, invite observers to immerse themselves in the intricate details while also evoking a sense of poignant melancholy. The serene hair paintings, absent of the faces that characterized her earlier "Storytellers" series, echo the tradition of contemporary still-lifes. By assigning new significance to what is commonly regarded as lifeless and disposable, van der Vliet's artwork challenges viewers to reconsider concepts of individuality, aesthetic appeal, and the fleeting nature of life.