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Andie Taylor

Oil on Cradled Ply

11.7" x 15.7"


Andie Taylor is an Australian oil painter with a BFA in Illustration. His fine art work is structured around a framework of subtle narrative components, connected like the cables on an old synthesiser to the droning undercurrent of philosophical questioning. Themes spanning time, memory, entropy and identity weave and meander together, dividing at times to explore new ground, all exposed through series’ of veiled visual metaphors.

Andie’s process is led by intuition, driven toward an aesthetic of balance somewhere between chaos and serene peace and intentionally avoidant of direct meaning. As a subliminal operation of self-discovery and reflection, each new work grows from the former, expanding as a universe of malleable icons at once, juxtaposed and harmonious. Andie’s worlds of brush strokes become tangible through his experience of this reality, but they can only be as meaningful as we may understand or assign them to be.