"Afterglow - Blue Night"

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Jeong WooJae
Afterglow - Blue Night
Oil on canvas
16" × 21"

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Woojae, an illustrious figure in the sphere of representational art, wields a profound mastery over the elements of hue, tone, and texture, giving birth to works that resonate with an exceptional sense of realism and enchanting aesthetic appeal. His renditions of aquatic life are particularly remarkable, with each canvas bursting forth in iridescent splendor and resplendent, jewel-toned hues that breathe life into the fish subjects.

These artworks, transcending the mere replication of nature, are like ethereal dreamscape portals, seamlessly weaving the fabric of reality with the threads of the fantastical. In this delicate dance of the real and the imagined, Woojae's paintings stand as vivid testimonies to a world where wonderment and the mundane coalesce. His artistic narrative encourages the viewer to step into a realm where mystical metamorphoses occur in tandem with the everyday, a space where the extraordinary and the ethereal are in constant, harmonious dialogue with the familiar aspects of life.

WooJae says of his work for CREATURES: "Humans imagine and dream to overcome what they cannot achieve in reality, what they want, or what they cannot overcome in reality or deficiency. The work expresses the relationship and self in the deficiency of modern people and the recovery and comfort of them. In the work, reality and fantastic elements coexist and interact, but the extraordinary and unrealistic elements that appear in the work are expressed in everyday and general in the work. By expressing these magical moments in extreme reality, it presents new possibilities for realistic problems as a role that points to the role of avoiding or blocking reality."

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