Reborn in Flesh

“Reborn in Flesh,” is a five piece series of new paintings that Garant has used as a metaphorical rebirth for her spirit and artwork.  “After about a year of creating colorful works, it was time to return to a more primal reflection,” says Garant.  “This transitional mini-series is a display of my creative cocoon, a contemplative self-acceptance and the wellspring of a new, more instinctive, era in my artwork.”

Using washes of white negative space met with the textured palettes of pale skin and displaying a mastery of her well-known “double-eyed” style, Garant easily portrays ideas of regeneration, living multiple lives and complete rebirth in these new paintings.  “These 5 pieces are meant to set my signature style into an abridged storytelling decorum, while letting illusion take over in a purer setting.  In them, I’m expressing my inner creative instincts by obeying a natural pull for organic imagery.”