Taking on social media’s often confusing rules related to artistic censorship and women’s rights, Cirel’s “NO BODY” discusses, in brilliant photorealistic paintings, our contemporary morals juxtaposed against celebrated classical Roman statues and the female form.

Bri explains, “[I began painting] after researching censorship in art and discovered the 16th century Roman Catholic censor sweep in which depictions of nudity in classical artworks were covered or destroyed for being deemed immoral to the Catholic faith.  Before then, the nude human form, both male and female, were revered as the foundation of academic study in the arts.”  Cirel draws a direct correlation to this censorship into today’s social media such as posts on Instagram: “I’ve been banned several times in the last year by social media sites for posting my paintings.  And it’s poetic because much of my work is commenting on the ever changing social interpretation of the nude human form, and who/ what controls these perceptions.”


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