"FAKE AESTHETICS" by Michael Howard

Supersonic Art Gallery is proud to present the work of British artist Michael Howard, aka NVM Illustration, in his solo exhibition entitled "Fake Aesthetics."

Michael is a master of the contemporary portrait, highlighting cultural nuances and themes that vibrate throughout the millennial generation.  For "Fake Aesthetics," Michael has focused on the impermanent, of it he says:

"Having been heavily influenced by many, many talented individuals - illustrators in particular - I became somewhat obsessed with trying out new techniques and drawing objects that I otherwise may not have tried to execute. In this research I found myself somewhat obsessed with stickers, old school hand painted signs and tattoos.  There is something in the transition of turning an object or person into something else entirely by adding stickers, text or images onto anything that completely changes the aesthetic view of things. Take a tattooed man with tattoos versus one without, the perspective completely changes for better or for worse and the same goes for objects, etcetera.  The transient state of what is and what is not, has become somewhat obsessive for me and has almost conquered the restricting confinement of 'why am I doing this' into 'why the hell not.' It's empowering being able to change an image into something completely different by adding a simple piece of text or a small image."



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"Game Over""Game Over"
Michael Howard
"Game Over"
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"Teenage Wife""Teenage Wife"
Michael Howard
"Teenage Wife"
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"Lonely Hearts Club""Lonely Hearts Club"
"See Through Lies""See Through Lies"
Michael Howard
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"Among Lies""Among Lies"
Michael Howard
"Among Lies"
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Michael Howard
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"F Society""F Society"
Michael Howard
"F Society"
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"Like the Boys""Like the Boys"