white noise / black calm

A Solo Exhibition by Artist Valentin Fischer.

Silence, at times, can be intensely alarming.  That dark ease that creeps up the back of your neck, alerting you that something here isn't quite right and building to a static of adrenaline surging throughout your body.  With "white noise / black calm," German artist Valentin Fischer has created a series of paintings that seem to depict individuals caught in the midst of such tribulation.  The black edge of normality slightly from their reach, surrounded by the blinding silence entrenching their every thought.

Conversely, the individuals within these works could just as simply be embracing the blinding light of the reality of which they are existing, taking it and drifting somberly into the abyss.

Valentin describes his inspiration for "white noise / black calm" as him being "more interested in human shapes and simplifying, hinting at or deconstructing features to come closer to a visual description and expression of their inner world."  But he's clear that he "rather say nothing and let the works speak for themselves." 

Payment plans for artwork are available - please send purchasing inquiries to supersonic@supersonicart.com for details.



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